Printable Japan Adult Coloring Book

25 Advanced Japanese Coloring Pages

  • Visit Japan’s past and present with this set of 25 adult coloring pages. Color Japanese castles, ninja, samurai, dragons, geisha, ukiyo-e style drawings, Japanese girls in kimono, Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese cranes, flowers, kanji, dancing fans, and more.
  • Designed in Japan

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Free Adult Coloring Pages from Our Japan Coloring Book (High-Resolution PDF Files)

Get 3 free Japanese coloring pages from this book in the paper size format you prefer.

U.S. Letter Size (8.5 x 11 in)

A4, International Paper Size

This is a detailed adult coloring page of a Japanese castle that is known as the crow castle . It is also called Matsumoto Castle.
This ukiyo-e style adult coloring page features a Japanese girl in a kimono with Fuji mountain in the background during cherry blossom season.
A mythical Japanese dragon called a tastu in Japan is featured in this intricate adult coloring page.

More Japanese Coloring Pages from this Printable Adult Coloring Book

Japanese girl in a kimono looking at cherry blossoms in the spring adult coloring page.

Japanese art of a komainu or lion-dog with cherry blossoms falling adult coloring page.

Japanese Koi swimming with a fallen leaf adult coloring page.

Ninja adult coloring page. The ninja is holding a sword in a fighting stance with the moon in the background.

This adult coloring page features a Japanese samurai riding a horse. The samurai and the horse are both wearing armor.

Japanese Maiko Girl Detailed Coloring Page

Japanese Dancing Fan Adult Coloring Page

Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi adult coloring page featuring cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji.

A pair of Japanese cranes flying adult coloring page.

Japanese Flower called Kiku-no-hana or Chrysanthemum adult coloring page.

Japanese geisha in traditional attire adult coloring page.

Temple of the Golden Pavilion adult coloring page.

 A detailed coloring page of a Miko shrine maiden who takes care of shrines in Japan with a torii gate in fall with autumn leaves all around.

Japanese folk art called temari or hand ball adult coloring page.

Dancing maiko with cherry blossoms falling around her adult coloring page.

Matsumoto Castle adult coloring page featuring the bridge. A landscape or horizontal view.

An adult coloring page of a Japanese lion-dog called komainu in Japan.

Japanese abstract art adult coloring page featuring hearts with the word love written in kanji featured in the center.

Japanese Dragon called Ryu in Japan Adult Coloring Page

Adult coloring page of a Japanese girl from the Heian period wearing a traditional junihitoe which is an elegant and complex kimono. She also is holding a japanese dancing fan and the the moon is in the background.

Adult coloring page of a Japanese goldfish swimming with the flower called morning glory or Asagao.

Samurai adult coloring page with cherry blossoms in the background. The samurai is wearing traditional armor.